Japanese game shows never fail to deliver on entertainment value.

There's a game show in Japan where contestants have to try and figure out what item in a room has been changed and replaced with chocolate.

The YouTube clip below indicates it's called "Candy or Not Candy," so we're not sure if the items that are changed are limited to chocolate or if they can be swapped with other types of candy. Regardless, this just seems like a no-brainer to liven up your next soiree, don't you think? "Hey, look, Jim from my office is biting the remote control from my TV because he's convinced it's a Nestle Crunch, but he accidentally licked off the back panel and swallowed a pair of AA batteries. So funny!"

Oh, the laughs you can have. Sure, your wife's best's friend's husband may come down with lead poisoning, but, come on, it was all worth it, right?

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