Every year we hear that there is a national push to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October in order to make it easier for school age kids (and parents) to dress up and beg for candy all night without suffering from lack of sleep at school the next day.  Lately, there has been a campaign to designate that day as a separate holiday set aside for trick or treating for the same reason.  Now, there is a brand new idea that trumps both of those: Just cancel school the next day altogether!

Right now, petitions are making the rounds in Caddo and Bossier parishes to cancel classes on the day following Halloween if it happens to fall during the week like it does this year.  As of this morning, the official Change.org petition has about 4,400 signatures.  The goal is 5,000, and it looks as if that mark will be met later today.

The drive to get this Friday off has been organized by local high school student Bella Taunton.  Although she doesn't identify herself as such - but we do know that she put the petition together, and that she is a high school student based on the plea posted to the site:

That means NO late night trick or treating NO parties NO friends NO sleepovers sign this petition to help us high schoolers have some fun this year. who really wants to wake up friday morning after being out all night ?? NO ONE… the lack of students will make class have no point friday.”

Will you sign it?

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