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Week 1

Username Jessychampion6 had 12 correct picks.

Our DJs were not too far behind.
Danny Merrell - 11
Sean Ericson - 8
Mark Cunngham - 8

Week 2

Holy cow, we had a lot of ties. Were the games THAT obvious?
Champ79 - 13 correct picks
Craptout -13 correct picks
dalem132 -13 correct picks (tiebreaker lead)
kari77 -13 correct picks
Sean Ericson -13 correct picks

Danny Merrell - 11
Mark Cunningham - 10

Week 3

Screen names Coachjjr and mlong1548 had 12 correct picks for week 3.

VIP DJs Danny Merrell and Mark Cunningham had 9 correct picks, with Sean Ericson only getting 7 correct picks.

Week 4

Melindav70 and TeresaNeal were the only players with 12 correct picks.

VIP DJs Mark Cunningham and Sean Ericson had 10, but it looks like Danny Merrell got zilch this week. Better luck this week, Danny!

Week 5

Whoa! VIP DJ Mark Cunningham tied with username kountrysuperstar79 with 10 correct picks.

Danny Merrell had 8 correct picks, and Sean Ericson trailed behind with only 7 correct picks.

Week 6

Well we guess Sean didn't take kindly to be referred to as "trailing behind," because he had the most correct picks in week six. 9 correct picks to be exact.

username mlong154 had 8 correct picks. Mark Cunningham had 7, and Danny must have been so busy he forgot to fill out his weekly picks. Either that, or he's just a really bad guesser.

Week 7

mlong1548 had 13 correct picks in week 7. Way to go!

VIP DJ Mark Cunningham had 10, Sean Ericson had 9, and once again Danny Merrell had 0. Perhaps the towel has been officially thrown by Mr. Merrell.

Week 8

sofiacb4 had 13 correct picks!

Sean Ericson and Mark Cunningham were tied somewhere in the top 10, but with Sean getting 10 correct picks last week and Mark only getting 9 ... well, see for yourself.

Week 9

Screen names Luis & MichaelWarnasch had 10 correct picks.
VIP DJ Mark Cunningham had 6 correct picks, and it looks like last week's little victory over Sean Ericson has caused him to give up hope all together. Sean and Danny had zero.

Week 10

Screen name stroud524 had a whopping 12 correct picks in week 10.

Mark had 10, and of course Sean and Danny have given up all hope.

Week 11

Screen name JERKE had the most correct picks in week 11 with 10 right choices.

Week 12

SHIRLEY is back with a serious 14 correct picks in week 12. Simply amazing!

Mark Cunningham is our only VIP Dj still trying every week, and he got 11 correct picks.

Week 13

TruittDixon had 13 correct picks.
MichaelWarnasch, kari77, mlong1548, and sofiacb4 all had 12 correct picks.

Mark Cunningham, our remaining MVP DJ participant had 9.

Here is the top ten leaderboard as of week 13. MichaelWarnasch dethroned TeresaNeal who has been #1 on the leaderboard since the beginning.


Week 14

Screen name, PigskinBrawlers was the only contestant to get 12 correct picks in week 14.

Mark Cunningham only got 7 this week.

Here is the top ten leaderboard as of week 14.


Week 15

john61868 had 15 correct picks in week 15. That's ... I mean, what are the odds?

DJ Mark Cunningham had 9.

Here is the top ten leaderboard as of today.


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