So, hopefully, you all did your part as Americans and voted today. Republican, Democrat, whatever, as long as you voted. Now, we can get over all the Facebook drama, the bashing, and all the other nonsense that is associated with this election.

With that being said, I think that the raccoon in this video embodies my - and many others' - thoughts on this mid-term election. Check it out:

Yes, our thoughts exactly. We've voted, we're done, we're just ready to move on. This raccoon was seriously ready to just give up. If you've ever seen raccoons in the wild - not ones that were once wild, but have been domesticated - you know that this isn't their usual behavior. They can actually be mean, vicious creatures. The fact that this one was so laid back is pretty unusual.

After this election day, it seems we can all relate to his actions...or in-actions, I guess you could say.

Just a couple of more notes before we check out:

Shout out to animal control in Lufkin for getting this masked creature out of the road and not letting him get continuously run over.

Also, I hope you voted already, and aren't quite as worn out as this little guy.

Last thing: 'Merica.

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