Randy Travis has returned to offer fans a new, never-before-heard song! The country icon's "One in a Row" is a traditional heartbreak song that's a worthy addition to his legendary canon.

"New" isn't exactly a perfect description. Travis recorded "One in a Row" prior to his devastating stroke in 2013, but it's certainly new to fans, who are hearing it for the first time in this surprise release. "One in a Row" re-introduces us to Travis' classic warm baritone as he sings about a lost love that he's struggling to get over one day at a time.

"Am I dreaming? Or is that the morning sunlight shining in? / I can't believe it / I was sure my world was coming to an end / I may never live to see the day your memory lets me go / But I made it through the night / And that's one in a row," Travis sings.

Buddy Jewell and Thom McHugh co-wrote "One in a Row." Acoustic guitars and pedal steel frame the track in Travis' instantly-recognizable traditional country sound, and the result is like seeing an old friend after years apart. Click on the video at the top to hear Travis' first new song in six years.

Travis recounts the ups and downs of his legendary career in his new memoir, Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life, which he released on May 14. The book talks about his rise as one of the leading lights in country music in the '80s, his struggles with anger and alcohol, his stroke and how his wife, Mary, brought him back from the brink.

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