When the movie "Babe" was released in 1995, there was a surge of people buying micro pigs. When "Finding Nemo" came out, people started buying fish as pets. We aren't so sure this trend should continue because as the video below shows us ... Velociraptors do not make good house pets. They eat a lot! Mostly meat, and I happen to be made of mostly meat! I have a micro-raptor just like this one! Her name is Vickie. Vickie The Velociraptor. That is all.

This hilarious video was made by a new YouTube channel titled, We Have A Dinosaur, with special effects done by Brickyard VFX. We hope to see more from this channel, and we wouldn't mind it being a series.

Let your kids know that you won't be able to get a pet dinosaur before seeing "Jurassic World" this Summer. If they ask, "Why not?" Now you can just show them this video and share a good laugh.

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