Considering the 1973 Westworld and the original Jurassic Park novel were both written by Michael Crichton, someone was bound to point out sci-fi theme parks run amok as a recurring theme. Thankfully, the internet never sleeps, and has now catered to the need for a helpful video pointing out the exact similarities between HBO’s Westworld and Jurassic Park.

CollegeHumor put together a roundup of all the eerie parallels, most notably that both parks use “advanced, but theoretically possible science” to create a theme park full of “things from the past that 8-year olds love.” There’s the older British creator, rigorous safety protocols that inevitably fail, and of course, Jeff Goldblum’s famous laugh.

Okay, that last one may have been wishful thinking.

And while it goes unmentioned in the video (Westworld spoiler alert), don’t forget the attempt to smuggle out park secrets sending everything haywire, and getting people killed!

In the meantime, Westworld will continue its crazy theory-baiting this Sunday, and who knows? Maybe a dinosaur shows up.

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