Saturday night, Roger Clemens at the age of 50 makes his return to the mound.  Granted, it's not the majors, he'll be pitching for the Sugar Land Skeeters, but the team does feature some former major league pitchers.

Could this be the start of an attempt by the Rocket to make it to the Majors?  It's still to early to tell, but even if he did, Clemens would still have a long way to go to duplicate the feats of Satchel Paige.

satchel paige

Paige played most of his prime pitching in the Negro Leagues, but he did have some outstanding years in Major League Baseball.

In 1965, at the age of 59, Paige was signed by Kansas City to pitch one game against the Boston Red Sox.  The ageless wonder pitched 3 innings, gave up only one hit (Carl Yastrzemski), and struck out one batter.

Clemens may make it back to the majors, and perhaps even be competitive for a year, maybe two, but I doubt we'll ever see someone nearly 60 accomplish what Paige did.

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