As 2017 draws closer, some make lofty New Year's resolutions that they try to stick with through the new year. Ronnie Dunn, however, is not one of those people.

“You know, I think resolution is just setting yourself up for failure,” he says in an interview with his record label, Big Machine Label Group. “Every now and then I’ll go see a shrink or something if I need to self-improve.”

While he may not be making any resolutions for 2017, Dunn will be keeping busy. The singer will head back to Las Vegas for his residency with Kix Brooks and Reba McEntire. In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Dunn says the three friends are having fun and making a point to take bus trips and enjoy Sin City as much as they can.

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“Vegas is great … We made a pact not to stay in our rooms and stay on the Strip. We took in a bunch of shows. There’s always crazy stuff going on. The new Jason Bourne movie, they did the premiere in Vegas at Caesars and we got invited to do that. We went to Jennifer Lopez' birthday party. There’s always something going on,” he says.

Dunn recently released his solo album Tattooed Heart, and the title comes from an Ariana Grande song of the same name that Dunn covered.

“My daughter brought it in and she threw the CD on the table and said, ‘Hey, go listen to that, hotshot,'” he recalls. “She’s always keeping my nose to the grindstone and challenging me with stuff. I loved it. After I heard the Sam Cooke era melody I really liked it.”

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