Just one day before embarking on his new tour alongside fellow country star Carly Pearce, Russell Dickerson made a stop on the set of the Today show to perform his hit song “Blue Tacoma.”

“We go way back so that’s why we called it The Way Back Tour,” Dickerson said in a  pre-performance interview talking about the trek, which kicks off Thursday (Jan. 24) in Cleveland.

Dickerson seemed full of energy during his Today appearance; and especially when it came to talking about his wife, Kailey, who helped him out by shooting, directing and co-starring in his music videos.

“Before we had any budget or anything going on, I had her," Dickerson recalled, "And we shot the music video for my first single 'Yours.' That’s honestly what kinda put us on the map and got us started and got us going.”

When the Today camera panned to show Kailey, who stood just off set, Dickerson exclaimed, “She’s a babe," then tore into “Blue Tacoma” off his current album Yours.

As for another woman currently in his life: Dickerson and Pearce are set to be on the road through the beginning of March with their brand-new tour, a collaboration that reunites the two in a whole new way.

“Carly and I go way, way back and we have cheered each other on for years,” said Dickerson in a press release about the new tour. “Breaking onto the scene together has been such a fun ride, so we had to book a tour together to celebrate!”

“It’s crazy to think about eight years ago when Russell and I had a residency in Nashville together,” added Pearce. “Now, to see the evolution of our careers that have mirrored in so many ways is a dream come true. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, and I couldn't be more proud of how far we’ve come.”

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