Let's play a game of 'one question Jeopardy'.

Question:  This is one of the best places to catch both California and South American sea lions entertaining and educating crowds.

Answer:  Where is the Expo Center in Lufkin?


Yeah...as out of the ordinary as it may seem, the Sea Lion Splash Show will be coming to the 37th Annual Texas State Forest Festival, September 16-19 at the George H. Henderson Jr. Expo Center in Lufkin. The festival is once again presented by Brookshire Brothers, who, by the way is celebrating their 100th anniversary of serving the community in so many different ways.

The Sea Lion Splash is one of the new attractions to be featured at this year's Forest Festival. This show is an educational show with a splash. The sea lions will amaze festivalgoers as they balance balls, shoot hoops, dance, perform handstands and show their pretty smiles. This is the only show in the United States to feature both California and South American sea lions. The tropical show will provide constant entertainment for attendees as the sea lions are always visible in their natural environment.

The idea of the sea lion show originated when a company named Squalus started taking in beached sea lions who were unable to be returned to the wild due to age or injuries and unable to provide food for themselves. The sea lions were able to receive a permanent home for the rest of their lives. The Sea Lion Splash Show is the only traveling sea lion show in the country.

Squalus ensures that the sea lions have more square footage of water per animal in the show than most sea lions have in the zoos. The animals’ welfare and comfort are always placed first. The sea lion traveling exhibit is safe for the animals as well as the audience. The educational show will appeal to all ages and is a definite crowd pleaser.

The Texas State Forest Festival will feature many attractions including the always-popular carnival, pom squad and cheerleader competition, BBQ cook-off, Hushpuppy Championships and plenty of great food, food, food.

For more info, contact the Chamber at 634-6644 or visit TexasStateForestFestival.com

Sea Lions at the Texas State Forest Festival


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