The George H. Henderson Jr., Expo Center bleachers were packed at the Texas State Forest Festival on Sunday afternoon. Dance teams and cheerleaders from the East Texas area converged in Lufkin to show off their best routines for the chance to claim first place in their respective categories and divisions.

Schools from Lufkin, Tyler, Hudson, Huntington, Central, Lovelady, and Jasper were represented at the Cheerleading and Pom Squad/Dance Team competition. Integra Insurance sponsored the event and the Academy of Gymnastics and Dance organized it. Dancers and tumblers from Academy Elite teams performed a spectacular routine to close the event.  The Lufkin Junior Cheerleading team opened the competition with a fantastic exhibition routine.

Here are the first-place teams from the various categories and divisions.

Pom Squad/Dance Team

Middle School

  • Jazz - Hudson Middle School
  • Officers - Hudson Middle School
  • Pom - Hudson Middle School

High School

  • Officers - Huntington High School
  • Pom - Huntington High School
  • Hip Hop - Lufkin JV Drill

Overall Showmanship Winner - Huntington High School Pom Squad

Cheerleading Competition

Middle School

  • 1A-2A Division - Lovelady
  • 3A-4A Division - Huntington

Junior Varsity

  • 3A-4A Division - Jasper
  • 5A-6A Division - Tyler Legacy

High School

  • 1A-2A Division - Lovelady
  • 3A-4A Division - Hudson
  • 5A-6A Division - Lufkin
  • Overall Showmanship Winner - Huntington Middle School

First-place teams each received a custom-made, Forest Festival-themed trophy.  These trophies were authentic circular wood slices from East Texas trees. The Cheerleading and Pom Squad/Dance Team Championships had been canceled over the past two years due to the ongoing pandemic, so it was wonderful to see the large crowd come out and support the efforts of these athletes.

Cheerleader and Dance Team Competition at the 2022 Texas State Forest Festival

Teams from across East Texas competed in the Cheerleader and Pom Squad/Dance Team Competition at the 38th annual Texas State Forest Festival in Lufkin.

Texas Forest Festival Pom Squad Competition 2012

Here's a look back at some of the dancers that performed at the 2012 Pom Squad/Dance Team Championships at the Texas Forest Festival in Lufkin.

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