Seth Ennis' "Call Your Mama" already cut deep, but the music video will finish you off. Fair warning: grab a tissue (or ten) before watching.

The video tells the story of, appropriately, the relationship between a mother and son. As it unfolds, we watch the boy grow into a young man, reaching the typical milestones that every young person achieves, eventually choosing a career in the Marines.

What we don’t realize at first is that by pledging his military service, the young man is following in someone else's footsteps. Here we find the first unexpected twist, and as the "Call Your Mama" video winds down to an emotional end, you'll see the second twist at a military funeral.

"I was very mindful about the concept and wanted a powerful story behind this video. I wanted something as moving and emotionally charged as all of the incredible messages fans have sent to me since the release of the song," Ennis says. "Personally having been raised in a military family, this idea felt perfect to visually represent everything the song represents."


"Call Your Mama" features Little Big Town on backing vocals and Lauren Alaina's fiance, Alex Hopkins, who plays the oldest version of the boy, the soldier. Hopkins is an actor who works with a modeling and talent agency — he also recently appeared in Maddie Larkin’s "Unbreaking My Heart" video.

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