The Ability Experience is a non-profit organization that works help improve the lives of people with all disabilities and the awareness of the world around them, and an SFA fraternity chapter is getting the word out.

The overall goal is to raise $850,000 for the Ability Experience, but the job to get that done has been divided into different groups. The IOTA ZETA chapter of Pi Kappa Phi only needs $5,000 to fulfill their end, and they're already close to the $2,000 benchmark.

Here is their opening statement;

We are the Iota Zeta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi this week we will be having our Bike-a-thon which is 48-hour bike ride that help raise money for The Ability Experience. The Ability Experience is a charity that goes to improve the lives of people with disabilities (ie. Down syndrome, autism, lhearing and vision impaired and wounded veterans).  This year’s funds that we raise will be given to someone that has helped improve our world. Gordon Reynolds has recently fallen on tough times and needs all the help that he gives to the rest of us. He's an amazing person who always thinks of others before his self. Anything that you guys would be able to give to cause would be amazing. We want to get him up and rolling before the week is done! ~ IOTA ZETA


Pretty powerful stuff, right? If you want to help out, be sure to visit their chapter page by clicking here. Let's support our hometown friends like the IOATA ZETA chapter of Pi Kappa Phi and Gordon Reynolds.

via Gordon W. Reynolds Facebook Page

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