Whenever I watch videos that promote 'life hacks', there are always three questions that come to mind.

  1. Does this 'life hack' really work?
  2. Is it something that I could easily do?
  3. Is it worth my time?

When someone told me about seeing a 'life hack' about cleaning in, on, and around a toilet with shaving cream, I doubted it would answer any of my questions favorably.


Yes, I said shaving cream

My Opinion After Watching the Videos

I watched both videos below. They are produced by Andrea Jean Cleaning, and her YouTube channel has nearly 750K subscribers. She is definitely reputable.

I also watched several other videos not included below that praise the benefits and power of shaving cream as a cleaner.

So, yes, it would appear that this cleaning hack does work on the toilet, the tile, and other fixtures and devices.

Easy and Cost-effective

Spraying a bunch of foaming shave cream on areas that you are going to clean is about as easy as it gets. She mentions that the foamy nature of the shaving cream will allow it to stick to surfaces and allow it to infiltrate the tiny crevices where dirt and bacteria thrive.

The shaving cream hack is also excellent at removing the terrible odors of urine that seem to linger even after previous cleanings. Plus, shaving cream leaves behind its own clean aroma.

I don't know about you, but I've always liked the smell of shaving cream, and I'm all for my bathroom smelling like this, especially when it only costs a buck or two for a can of cheap shaving cream.

I wonder if the folks at Buc-ee's know about this bathroom cleaning hack?



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