I watched 'Caddyshack' a few nights ago -- probably for the 200th time in my life.

There are certain movies that I love, but, there's a select list of movies that I just love to watch.

As examples, 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'The Notebook', and 'Star Wars' are movies that I really enjoyed, but I don't want to watch them every month.

However, for whatever reason, there are certain movies that I just can't turn off when they come on TV. Movies like 'Shawshank Redemption', 'Caddyshack', 'Blazing Saddles', and 'The Hangover'.

I've tried to categorize the types of movies I like to watch repeatedly, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to them.  'The Princess Bride', 'Field of Dreams', 'The Matrix', and yes, even 'Steel Magnolias' are all movies I watch over and over.

Plus, I can't forget to mention that pretty much any full-length Disney or Pixar movie, whether Toy Story or Beauty and the Beast, are also way up on my 'watch list'.

What about you?

What movies can you sit and watch over and over?