So...what are you going to do with the extra hour of time that you'll be getting back thanks to Saturday night's time change?

Me? -- I'm getting geared up for the annual Fall Back Merrell Movie Clip Night.

You see, when the time change actually happens, it's late night Saturday and my kids and wife are asleep, and I am left undisturbed in my man cave.

In that one hour, I make it a point to watch some of my favorite movies of all time.  Now, I know that one hour is not enough time to watch even one full length movie, which is why I skip through to my favorite movie clips of all time.

Allow me to share some of those with you.

First, it's Princess Bride.  One of my favorite movies of all time.  There are a number of great clips in this movie alone, but the Miracle Max scene is one of the best.


True Love

The Princess Bride





The Evan Baxter news scene from Bruce Almighty.  It's juvenile, silly, and pure comic genius.




Ferris Buehler takes me the longest to flip through.  Matthew Broderick is great in the movie, but I don't the movie is the classic it is without 'Cameron'




I love baseball.  I'd give anything to have a catch with my dad today.  I have to watch this movie with tissues.  And I love the James Earl Jones baseball 'People Will Come' speech.


Gotta watch some Disney, too. I find myself using the phrase 'You are a sad strange little man' quite often.




Well, these are just a few of my favorites...I'm sure I'll be watching more come late Saturday.

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