Today during Group Therapy we found out that "VIP" Slumber Parties have become very popular in the Ark-La-Tex. Basically, you invite 15 kids over for a birthday party but only a select few stay for the sleepover. This new trend has left many parents upset with each other.

Hi Chica and the Bald Guy!
My Daughter Laykin who is a ten-year-old keeps getting left out when it comes to “VIP” Birthday Slumber Parties. Laykin is the sweetest kid and always makes her friends feel included, we never go out of our way to exclude her friends, but I can't say the same about other families. As of late all the birthday parties she keeps getting invited to have two different parties within. My daughter gets invited to the first part, where they go somewhere like Holiday Lanes or go to Party Central, but then she has to watch all her other friends get ready for a fun sleepover as she is headed home. My daughter has only been invited to one VIP sleepover this year. I hate seeing her feel left out and it breaks my heart when she is headed home from the party and she mentions that her best friend Kaylin was invited to the sleepover and she wasn't. I think these sleepovers are horrid and cruel, but my husband says they’re no big deal and that I am overreacting. Do I sound like a crazy angry mom?

The "Angry Mom" Rachel

We asked you what you thought on Facebook, and so far it seems like a lot of parents understand that sometimes you just can't handle too many kids at once in your home.

"I have a very sensitive daughter so I understand why some parents are upset that their child is upset. But we have big birthday parties, if we were gonna have a couple of kids spend the night afterward it wouldn't be all the kids that came to the party and I would make a point not to tell anyone about the sleepover afterward. Or at least talk to my daughter about not telling the kids that aren’t invited."Kelly Baxter Burnley
"Id be ok with it. Not every parent wants to host 15 kids for a sleepover. Sleepovers should be for the closest of friends. Stop feeling like your child is entitled to be invited to anything. 🙄" Ashley Nichole

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