That's the chance, as of this writing, that the National Weather Service is giving the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area of getting some storms overnight and into the morning hours on Wednesday.  Actually, to be specific, Lufkin is at 16%, Nacogdoches is at 17%.

That basically means that if you live in the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area, you have a less than one in five shot of getting a thunderstorm.  So, why even bring it up?

The National Weather Service in Shreveport is reporting that if these thunderstorms pop up in your area, and that's a big if, they could produce hail, damaging winds, even a tornado can't be ruled out.  The chances for strong to severe storms get a little better as you get into Shelby and Panola Counties and then into Louisiana.

Consider this a 'just in case' forecast from the National Weather Service.  You probably won't get a storm in your neighborhood, but, just in case...we told you so.

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