If you go searching for a snack you brought to work and discover that a food thief got to it first, it's probably something crunchy and salty. One particular food is stolen more often than all the others.

No food is off limits to a food thief, even if you put your name on it with a big ole Sharpie.  It's hard to fathom why anyone would want a half-eaten box of 2-day old Pho from the breakroom fridge, but there's nothing stopping a hungry co-worker with loose food morals it seems.  We have to be more covert.

Most of us have a secret spot to hide a stash of favorite snacks.  At home, I've got a section of the pantry on the top shelf that's out of sight from my daughters that's frequently known to hold a secret supply of butterscotch discs.  Once they get tall enough to see what's up there, I'm going to have to make more frequent trips to the store for butterscotch candy, Whoppers, and Snap Pea Crisps for sure.

If it's not family that we're protecting our food from, it's co-workers.  And some foods are stolen more often than others, according to the NY Post.

1.  Ice Cream

2.  Chips

3.  Candy

4.  Fruit

5.  Juice

1.  Chips

2.  Fruit

3.  Candy

4.  Coffee

5.  Juice

To protect food from poachers, the NY Post said people have come up with some really creative hiding places that range from the washing machine and inside the oven, to the top of the toilet and even in the middle of a snow drift, marked with a rock. There are fewer good options at work, so the desk drawer with a padlock seems to be the best hiding option.  Until you want to get rid of it, and then it's strewn all over the break room table accompanied by an all-staff email begging co-workers to take it.

It's not that we don't like to share, it's just that we get tired of going to the store to keep the supply going.  And sometimes we've inventoried how many Whoppers we have left, and we want them to be there when it's time for a handful of five.  Food thieves throw a wrench into things.

Oh, a good hiding place I found at the office is right on top of the fax machine.  Nobody looks there anymore.  Is it time for some Pringles yet?  Hopefully, they're right where we left them.

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