As our man in Nashville, Jimmy Carter, reported earlier this morning, Mike Fisher, one of Ottawa's favorite sons and a standout player on the NHL's Senators hockey team, has been traded to the Nashville Predators.

Is it just a mere coincidence that this happened, even though Carrie and Mike do have a home in Music City? 

I believe Jimmy Carter is certainly correct in stating that Carrie Underwood does not wield the kind of power to be able make a trade like this happen in the National Hockey League, although I'm sure that Carrie, Nashville, and the Predators aren't complaining.

Who is complaining?

The citizens and the media of Ottawa.  They are not one bit happy.  According to Jimmy Carter, they believe this move is just a little too coincidental.  One newspaper is now referring to the couple as Mr. and Mrs. Underwood and a radio station in that city is refusing to play any more Carrie Underwood.

Whenever her schedule allows, Carrie likes to attend her husband's games.  I'll bet it's just a matter of time before she'll get an invite to sing our National Anthem -- bet she remembers the words, too.