Prior to giving birth to her second son, Jacob Bryan Fisher, in January of 2019, Carrie Underwood suffered three miscarriages in two years. It was hard for both the singer and her husband, former professional hockey player Mike Fisher, but Underwood recalls that Fisher saw what lay ahead long before she did.

In the second episode of Mike and Carrie: God & Country, a webseries streaming on, Underwood recounts a moment when Fisher told her, "We're gonna have another baby, and it's gonna be a boy. And his name's gonna be Jacob" (quote via People).

"And I was like, 'Okay. And you know this because ...?'" Underwood recalls. Fisher's vision occurred after Underwood's first miscarriage.

He explains, "I just sensed that God told me that we're gonna have a son and his name's Jacob."

Adds Fisher: "Not much longer, we were pregnant [again], and we lose another baby, and I remember [Carrie] coming to me ..."

Interjects Underwood, "I was like, 'Where is he? Where is he?'"

A third pregnancy resulted in a third miscarriage. One night after the couple confirmed the news with their doctor, Underwood "went up to [first son] Isaiah's room and crawled into bed with him. I don't know how that kid didn't wake up, 'cause I was bawling." Then, she "had an honest conversation with God," sharing her "hurt," anger and guilt, the latter over "being mad at [her] creator."

"And I told him we needed something," the country star explains. "We needed to have a baby or not, ever. Because I couldn't keep going down that road anymore."

A fourth pregnancy was successful from the start. A nurse told Underwood early on that her "levels were not just where they were supposed to be, but through the roof, no doubt about it." Later that day, they went for an ultrasound.

"[We thought], 'It's all okay. Everything's okay,'" she remembers. "So we were like, 'Jacob. This is Jacob.'"

After her first two miscarriages, Underwood and Fisher began having frank, honest conversations about their future as parents: Would Isaiah be their only child? Would they adopt? "I was wrestling [with it], and probably the most honest I've been with God in my life," Underwood says of that time.

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