Now, this is March Madness.

This South Carolina fan was so keyed up after his Gamecocks stunned Duke in the second round of the NCAA Tournament that he ate a piece of paper. He grabbed the sheet, which he said might as well be a bracket before chowing down on it like it was fare from Buffalo Wild Wings.

He even takes a few swigs of some indeterminate juice to help wash it down.

No matter what team you root for, beating Duke is going to get you pumped up, but we figured the only devouring that would be done would be by Blue Devils fans who would eat their words after talking smack.

We can understand this fella's enthusiasm -- South Carolina, a school hardly known for basketball, is making its first-ever appearance in the Sweet 16. If the Gamecocks can somehow pull off another upset and top third-seeded Baylor, there's a chance this guy may try to swallow a Mead wirebound notebook whole.

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