God is commonly referred to as the 'Master Physician', in other words, if it be His will, He can heal any sickness that comes upon man or woman.  A group of doctors and nurses saw this happen in person just a few weeks ago.


According to a report on KSDK in St. Louis, 14-year-old John Smith and two of his buddies attempted the foolhardy over the MLK Holiday, they ventured out on a thin sheet of ice on Lake Sainte Louise and the ice gave way.  Two of the boys were rescued quickly, but Smith sank to the bottom and stayed there for 15 minutes before rescuers could get him out.

Paramedics and the medical team at a nearby hospital tried to revive him for 30 minutes, but to no avail.  John Smith had been dead for 45 minutes and one of the doctors decided it was time to bring in the child's mother for a final few minutes together.  Joyce Smith was distraught and started praying aloud.  She doesn't remember all the prayers she said, except for this one:

'Holy God, please send your Holy Spirit to save my son. I want my son, please save him.'

Within moments of that prayer, the nurses reported finding a pulse, and soon after, a heart beat.  24 hours later in became obvious that John was going to be fine...physically, but what would his brain function be like?  There was no resulting trauma whatsoever.  It was as if the event had never happened.

Many times, doctors will tend to downplay a 'miracle explanation', and quickly offer up possible medical and scientific reasons for extraordinary events, but not in this case.  The two doctors tending this situation said that a miracle is the only true explanation.