March Madness has lacked a signature shot so far, so these kids went ahead and provided one for us.

You gotta love how these students at UNC Charlotte teamed up for this simple, yet hard to manage, trick shot. Three passes, followed by a no-look over-the-shoulder shot across the room into the trash can.

So, while this year's NCAA Tournament hasn't yet had a defining moment we'll all remember, this play is just going to have to do the trick. And considering Charlotte failed to make the field of 68 this year, this may very well be the play of the year on campus.

It was an impressive shot, but we have to say it's not even the best one we've seen in class this year. That honor goes to this nearly-impossible bucket a student scored at Ohio State that earned his whole class an A on a quiz.

And we also have to give these students credit -- or, since it's school extra credit -- for hooping it up in the classroom. Of course, there's no replacement for actually watching March Madness, so the real heroes are these two guys who refused to miss any of the tournament, even when they should've been learning.

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