Have you ever heard of a Redneck Margarita? Or maybe a Hillbilly Martini? No? Well don't worry because I didn't either until I heard The Booze Cruise by Blackjack Billy, which is track two on my Summer Playlist. Think of this all male ensemble as Florida Georgia Line plus three. They're young, full of energy, and aren't afraid to mix a little rock with their country.


I'm calling The Booze Cruise the redneck version of Pontoon, last year's summer hit by Little Big Town. It brings a pumped up sound to the familiar story of partying on a pontoon boat with a group of friends. As soon as the song starts, you'll want to start stomping your foot and clapping your hands. The lyrics sum up the party scene in a fun albeit simple way; "The booze cruise, summer grooveI wanna see your booty moveLooks like you need anotherSo let me mix you up a Redneck MargaritaYou know the one just straight tequilaAll aboard, we're cutting looseSo come on, jump onThe booze cruise." (Feel free to chant these lyrics while fist pumping.)

Okay, now that The Booze Cruise brought the party, it's time to slow things down and play a track that's perfect for bringing a little romance. Nashville recording artist Tracy Delucia's Night Swim is number three on the Summer Playlist.


Night Swim starts off with a smooth piano riff, instantly creating a romantic setting. By the tone, you might think that a deep male voice will come through the speakers, but instead you hear the unique voice of Delucia. Her vocals almost remind you of Jeannie C. Riley (of Harper Valley PTA fame) but with more finesse. She laces the lyrics together so well that if you close your eyes, you can almost feel the coolness of the nighttime water. "This hot summer nights gonna get me crazy/ So relax/ Kick back, drink some wine/ Yeah we'll take our time/ Cause we got all night, all night/ Night swim/ Let's jump on in cause the water's just right/ For a night swim/ Just me and you underneath the moonlight." 

Although not well known, The Booze Cruise and Night Swim are two more tracks that are a must for any summer playlist. They bring the two things that are always possible under the steamy Texas sun: an unforgettable party and a midnight swim. So throw on those bathing suits and jump in!