East Texas has a new place for FUN!

We've been building a new radio station with a focus on fun music. We want this station to be your go-to for keeping you smiling at work, at home, or while you're driving.

It's called FUN 94-7, East Texas' Number One Place for Fun!

FUN 94-7
FUN 94-7

How This Playlist Was Born

Over the past several years, I have been asked to emcee quite a few purse bingo events. More often than not, I bring my own playlist to play as background music.

At many of these events, ladies will ask if they could get a copy of my playlist. So, two things became very apparent to me.

  • 1. This playlist was very popular
  • 2. There wasn't a station either in East Texas or on satellite channels playing this exact playlist.

A Look at the Fun 94-7 Playlist

A lot of the Fun 94-7 music is based on the huge pop hits of the 80s. Remember when MTV was new and played all those cool videos?


FUN 94-7 is Much More Than The 80s

It's all about getting you to tap your feet, making your work day a little more bearable, and putting a smile on your face. That's why we've combed many big hits from the 60s to the 2000s that fit the FUN 94-7 mold.

How to Listen to FUN 94-7

You can find FUN on the radio dial at 94.7 FM. You can also Listen Live online here. Be sure and download the free FUN 94-7 App to keep up with fun stories and contests, and listen live on our app.

You can also listen on your Amazon listening device, just say Alexa, Play 94 7 (ninety-four seven).

Give Us 15 Minutes

We want FUN 94-7 to be one of your favorite stations. If you haven't listened to us yet, all we ask is that you listen for 15 minutes. We think you'll love what you hear, and we'd love to hear feedback.

When you download the FUN 94-7 App, there is a chat feature where you can text us at any time of the day or night.

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