Man Fires Off the Worst Shot Ever [WATCH]
(**CAUTION**- Offensive language in video)
With hunting season just a few weeks away, a lot of sportsmen and sportswomen are getting their equipment ready, this might include a trip out to the country to fire off a few rounds.
Clumsy Kid Destroys Priceless Painting [WATCH]
Several times over the past 5 years, my children have managed to damaged the glass screen on their smartphone.  And, I get upset because that's a chunk of change to get repaired.  However, after watching this video, I realize things could be a whole lot worse...
Hilarious Treadmill Fails 2015
I used to workout on a treadmill back in the day. Lots of people still do. Unfortunately I had a horrible treadmill accident and have been unable to get back on that thing. You have to be extremely careful while on them. You have to pay close attention to what you're doing and not take the focus off…
Revenge Can Be A Real Booger! (Video)
This video is going viral as we speak!  Self titled the best prank of 2012. Check out how our prank war started - .... Wow, that escalated quickly. All I gotta say is don't start something you can't finish.

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