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The Lazy Jedi (Video)
"I wish I was a Jedi Master" is a phrase that any youngster (or lonely grownup living in his parent's basement) has uttered!  If you had the power, what would you do with it? Master Dave just doesn't feel motivated today.  With great power eventually comes great…
Beware Of Holiday Snacking! [VIDEO]
Ormie The Pig from Arc Productions smells a  jar of fresh baked cookies, and must get his hands, er, hooves, on them, no matter the cost.  Keep Ormie in mind while breezing through the kitchen sneaking a taste this holiday season.
The 9 Funniest Videos of People Getting Hit By Golf Balls
The Masters Golf Tournament tees off this Thursday, at its fabled Augusta National Golf Club home.
While Masters weekend is like Super Bowl Sunday for serious golf fans, there are still plenty of folks out there who harbor the perhaps misguided belief that golf is "boring."
So to kick off ou…