Lady Gaga Was Almost David S. Pumpkins' Wife on 'SNL'
It’s hard to imagine the bizarre simplicity of SNL’s David Pumpkins sketch taking a week to write, but the character went through a great many revisions. One year out from the beloved Tom Hanks character’s debut, a new oral history reveals surprising details of the “Haunt…
Another 'Munsters' Reboot Eyed at NBC, With Seth Meyers
NBC is far from the only guilty party when it comes to TV revivals, but there’s something special about reviving something you failed to revive. The Munsters may live again, as NBC succeeds Mockingbird Lane with another attempt at the ghoulish family, executive produced by Seth Meyers.
Schwarzenegger Leaves 'Celebrity Apprentice' Over Trump
We’ll never know how Schwarzenegger’s takeover of The Celebrity Apprentice might have succeeded on its own merits, as the results of the 2016 election held a dark cloud over anything bearing Trump’s name. That shade appears to have gotten to Schwarzenegger as well, as the ex-Gov…

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