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Nic Cage Will Fight a Jaguar and a Crazy Assassin on a Boat in ‘Primal’
In what sounds like the Adventure Mad Libs of movies, Nicolas Cage has signed on to the film Primal, which will see him as a big game hunter transporting a boat full of exotic creatures, including a white jaguar and a crazy political assassin, who all, shocker, escape and wreak havoc. And only one man can stop them. I mean… are tickets on sale yet? Because we’re extremely down for this.
Nicolas Cage Arrested, Bailed Out by Dog the Bounty Hunter
Talk about a bizarre chain of events: Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage was arrested early Saturday morning in New Orleans on charges of public drunkenness, disturbing the peace and domestic abuse battery. The arrest stemmed from an argument Cage had with his wife, Alice, about the location of the house they were renting. According to a statement from the New Orleans Police Department, "Cage a