Texas Parks and Wildlife

A Haunting Story Lives Behind One Texas Gravestone
You know there's a lengthy tale behind every gravestone, and date markers like 1835-1893 just don't cut it. What in the world happened during that little dash?! Our state parks and wildlife folks are telling the stories, and one of those legends from a cemetery in Northeast Texas will m…
Crazy Tales in the Field From Texas Game Wardens
Every month we receive stories from the field reported by Texas Game Wardens and then reported by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  The job of a game warden can be very dangerous, but sometimes, their field stories are downright hilarious.
Field Notes from Texas Game Wardens
Being a Texas Game Warden is serious business, but as in any law enforcement job, some of the on the job stories border on the hilarious and inane.  Here is a compilation of recent game warden field notes.
A few Hunting Reminders
Has this guy been in your dreams yet?
The recent oppressive heat might lead you to believe that hunting season is still a long way off, but dove season is less than 3 weeks away, and you'll be able to draw back your bow for the guy pictured above in about 6 weeks.