Taylor Swift is a role model to millions of young fans — some of them sick, some of them not. And though she can’t meet every request, she always takes notice of heartfelt stories, like that of cancer patient Kevin McGuire, whom she invited to be her date at an awards show. Now, it’s 10-year-old Swiftie Mackenzie who is hoping to grab the ‘Love Story’ singers attention — and her story might just be the most touching of all.

Mackenzie, whose last name has been kept anonymous, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age. Not one to be stopped by any ailment, the ambitious young girl works hard to do the things that other kids her age can do — she rides a bike, writes letters, draws and plays music. Unfortunately, Mackenzie’s legs don’t work the ways they are supposed to, and she has to work hard to perfect her fine motor skills.

But that hasn’t stopped her. Armed with an arsenal of supportive folks — like her former ‘assistant’ and family friend who brought her story to our attention — Kenzie has grown into an incredibly resilient adolescent.

Recently, the 4th grader penned a particularly neatly-written letter to her favorite country star, Ms. Swift. In the note, Kenzie told Swift that her songs have made the young girl feel confident that she can do everything her peers and classmates do, even if that means working hard.

“This year I was elected Fourth Grade Student Council Secretary, and I had good grades,” Mackenzie told Swift via her pen. “It’s not always easy to keep up with my busy schedule, but when I listen to ‘Sparks Fly,’ I go to sleep in a better mood.”

She closed out her letter by saying she hopes to meet Swift one day, simply so she can give the talented country star a hug. What a sweetheart!

Mackenzie’s friends and family are simply hoping that people who hear her story will tweet at Swift to hopefully catch her eye. After all, the ‘Ours’ hitmaker has been known to have a heart as big as her success.


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