Swift finally bounced back after an illness that forced her to cancel several performances for the first time in her career. But this young singer is back on her feet just in time to hit the stages tonight, July 15, in Toronto. The country pop star showed her sorrow via twitter all of last week, apologizing to her fans after canceling her show in Louisville, K.Y. A total of four shows for the "Speak Now" Tour were postponed due to her illness, advised by the singer's doctor who put her on vocal rest. First the stop for Louisville, K.Y., followed by two shows in Atlanta, Ga., and Charlotte, N.C.

But true to Taylor's love for her fans, all of the concerts she missed were rescheduled for a later date. Louisville will be made up October 11, and the pair of Atlanta tour dates are set up for October 1 and 2. The stop for Charlotte, N.C. will be made up on November 16.

Taylor is ecstatic to be performing again after her week of rest. The artist tweeted yesterday:  "I'M NOT SICK ANYMORE!!! JUST PLAYED IN MONTREAL. AMAZING CROWD. I'M SO EXCITED, THIS IS MY FIRST (and only) ALL CAPS TWEET."

Here are two songs Taylor will definitely be performing on her "Speak Now" Tour. Check out her upcoming tour dates! Will you be attending any of her shows this year?

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