While streaming Texas Music, commercial free, at RadioTexasLive.com is always best (shameless plug), Spotify's Texas Country section, too, is booming.

Now the online commercial streaming site has designed a Musical Map that allows users to click any [of roughly a thousand] cities across the world and hear that city's playlist - or the music that is most enjoyed there.

“Musical Map” that claims to reveal the most popular songs specific to each city at any given time, updated twice a month. That means it analyzes all the listening data from each place — according to Spotify, that's approximately 20 billion user/song interactions in all — and then filters out all the Ed Sheerans and Demi Lovatos and Weeknds and whoever else people are listening to everywhere."

--Houston Press


After filtering out those major players, it seems a huge portion of the most popular songs are credited to those artists we love so dearly. I would say after filtering through 20 billion users, that is a huge accomplishment!

Did your favorite Texas act make it on the list? Check out the playlists from these major cities across Texas and find out:

Austin, TX

Fort Worth, TX

College Station, TX

Lubbock, TX

images via Houston Press

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