Sunday, October 26th was a sunny and warm day in the Dallas area.  A good day for catching some rays before an expected cool front. 

Sunbathing is one thing. But, sunbathing in the nude is quite another, especially when you're doing so on school grounds.  Oh, did I mention that this person is, or was, a school bus driver?

According to a report with My Fox DFW, police were alerted to a man sunbathing nude in the grass at Tison Middle School in Weatherford, Texas.  When confronted by police, Mayford K. Davis, 69, explained that he wanted to take advantage of the warm, sunny day. He also explained that was vitamin D deficient and the sunlight helps with that condition.

Davis was given a citation for disorderly conduct (exposure) and was subsequently relieved of his duties as a bus driver by First Student, Inc., an Ohio-based school bus transportation company.

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