'The Bible' 10-hour TV mini-series on the History Channel has already become the #1 cable entertainment telecast of the year.  Many media executives thought that there would be a groundswell of persons above the age of 35 that would make it a point to watch the shows. 

However, they didn't expect to see the huge numbers of young people and kids who are tuning in as well.

Well-produced TV shows and movies based on stories of the Bible have always had a good track record (The Ten Commandments, The Passion of the Christ, Greatest Story Ever Told, just to name a few) But, even with that information, for some reason many media executives are surprised by the positive numbers.

Maybe this world is not as cynical and detached from God as they think we are.

I turned on the 2nd episode of 'The Bible' Sunday night.  At first, I was by myself, but before long my entire family including my 3 children were glued to the set.  They were supposed to be doing chores, but I found it hard to scold them for being 'distracted' by the Bible.

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are the brains behind the production of this series, and they and their team have done great marketing and support campaigns.  'The Bible' TV series is on Twitter, Facebook, and many other types of trending social media.

I couldn't be happier with the widespread success of 'The Bible'.  It gets frustrating to hear the rantings of a vocal minority that embrace the laws of society.  And so many of our lawmakers have lost all sight of what is truly right, as they hide behind the excuse of 'just doing their job'. It's doubtful that any of that will change in the near future, but maybe this TV series will cause more public talk about God, Jesus, and all things in the Bible.  For some reason, it has gotten to be taboo in public circles...and that's just ridiculous.

I could on for days, but let's keep this positive.  Check out the website for 'The Bible'.  Just like the TV series, they've done a good job with that as well.

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