So, get ready for the Baby Cinematic Universe, I guess. DreamWorks Animation has just announced that The Boss Baby sequel audiences have all been clamoring for will definitely be happening, definitely also star Alec Baldwin, and definitely come out on March 26, 2021, which is so far into the future that maybe we can all forget about it by then.

The only reasons I could think of for this to be happening is 1) we really have been abandoned by whatever deity or ancient alien species created us, or 2) the first Boss Baby was an unexpected runaway hit at the box office. It’s probably the second one, though some part of me will always believe the first. The Hollywood Reporter notes that The Boss Baby has earned about $468.4 million worldwide to date, wayyy more than the studio, or anyone else expected it to. It remained top of the box office for two straight weekends, beating out Beauty and the Beast, Kong: Skull Island, and even Power Rangers. Remember: YOU did this. This is YOUR fault. 

The Boss Baby focuses on a young boy living with a real tyrant of a baby brother, who wears suits, talks in an adult man’s voice, and wants to wage an epic war between babies like himself and their greatest, cutest nemesis: puppies. Maybe the sequel will be about kittens? Bunnies? Baby otters?

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