Springtime in East Texas.  It's a time for everything to start turning green...and we're not just talking yards and trees.  The KICKS 105 Cash Cow is also turning green, well, she's producing green, as in lots of money.

Over the past several years, the KICKS 105 Cash Cow has paid out thousands and thousands of dollars to East Texans (see the pics below). But, this year our Cash Cow is bringing a friend.

It's Double the Dollars this time around with the KICKS 105 Cash Cow(s). Every weekday, someone is going to win $2,000 Cash! Just listen for the daily code words at 20 past the hour beginning at 8:20 a.m. all the way through 5:20 p.m. Enter the words here.  Each word you enter gives you a better chance to win the daily cash payout.  Oh, each entry also gets you one step closer to winning the $10,000 Cash grand prize!

Congratulations to our early winners including Jackie Campos and Kristie Bandy.  Jackie is probably going to use the $2K to take her husband down to Port Aransas, Texas for a beach vacation.  Kristie was actually in a doctor's office in East Texas when she got the call that she had won $2,000 cash, so she couldn't necessarily scream too loud when she got the news.

Since the Cash Cow is doubling the money this year, why not get your office staff to play along?  That $10,000 grand prize can make a lot of people very happy.  Make sure you've downloaded the KICKS 105 App and that you've allowed contest alerts to be sent to your phone.  That way you'll receive the code word reminders that we'll send out throughout the day.

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The Cash Cow has become quite the money factory over the past few years.  Here are some of the winners in the past week as well as those in previous months and years.  We'd love to add your picture to the list.

Cash Cow Winners - 092721

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