Fan's of NBC's "The Office" don't really have much to do other than rewatch the series over and over.

If you want to have an Office themed get together, you could have a fun trivia challenge, or maybe even reenact Flonkerton. If you missed out on the Office themed Clue and Monopoly, you might just be out of luck because these days, copies of those games are ridiculously overpriced. Michael Scott would even hesitate for adding the $85 Clue board game to his cart full of magic sets. There's no way I'm paying $230 for a game of Monopoly.

If you are part of the party planning committee and there's an Office theme ...

There's a Office: Downsizing game in stores for around $10, but if you hear how the game is played, it might just be something that collects dust on the shelves. Many of the rules are based off questions of the players and their roles in real life. Very strange.

Your best bet is to get a game that isn't even exactly Office merchandise. If you stick to the authorized merch only, your search is going to be long and hard.

Maybe someday they'll make a VR Office experience ... or you could just get a mundane job with a crazy boss.


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