Remember Red Marlow? Sure you do, he was the all-country, all-heart contestant on the 13th season of The Voice, who made his way onto Blake Shelton's team but ended up placing fourth in the end. Well, it turns out Marlow helped along another Voice hopeful, Caeland Garner, whom he encouraged to move to Nashville and pursue his musical ambitions.

Garner, 31, took the stage with a pleasant rendition of the 1972 classic "Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest. He managed to get Shelton and fellow coach Jennifer Hudson to turn, but keeping in the gist of his mellow song choice, he had both coaches vying for him on a non-firey, good-vibe tone.

Shelton starting off praising his retro sound. "I have to say, your voice is so unique, and it sounds like it comes from a different place in time," raved Shelton, who went so far as to compare Garner to '70s icon Jim Croce.

Hudson kept things simple and calm as well, merely noting that Garner's voice was "a beautiful instrument" and that she'd be happy to welcome him on her team.

At this point, Garner revealed that he was friends with Marlow—who, surprise, surprise, happened to just be there on camera. "Oh, no, Jennifer," lamented coach Adam Levine in a resigned voice. "I wonder who you'll pick," mocked coach Kelly Clarkson. "It's just a toss-up!"

Although her sarcasm was duly noted, and Hudson said plaintively, "What about me?" This case was decided before it even started...and Garner chose Shelton, to nobody's surprise.

We'll be following all the Voice shenanigans from start to finish this season, with a focus on country music's offerings, so check here each week to see how your favorites are faring. We'll keep you up to date!

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