Want to show your loved one how much you care?

Below, 30 couples from all over the country share little gestures that make their partner smile; and it doesn't only happen on Valentine's Day. Read the article after the bump:

Tokens of Affection

"I always wake up thirsty at night, so before bed Caitlin brings me a tall glass of ice water, since I often forget to get one for myself. It shows me that she knows my quirks and that she loves me."

Brian Lowe, 30 (pictured with his wife, Caitlin Faulkner, 28)

Maplewood, NJ

"Bill often surprises me with a cup of to-go coffee. He doesn't even drink coffee or know coffee 'lingo,' so he's really going out of his way when he stops and orders a grande vanilla latte for me. Whenever I get one, I'm grateful for the effort he made."

Michelle Sitton, 40

Lenexa, KS

"Oftentimes I'll hear a song I like on the radio and I'll ask Todd if he's heard it before. Minutes later he'll emerge from our home office with the song downloaded on iTunes and playing in the background. He's so considerate to find my 'new favorite song.' By tuning in to what I'm interested in, he makes me feel that I truly matter to him. It makes me want to do something sweet for him in return."

Nicole Engstrom, 39

Silverton, OR

"For each of my four pregnancies, I had awful morning sickness, and the only food I was able to hold down was these yummy peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches my husband made. So Craig would make me sandwiches and leave them next to my side of the bed. Every morning I would wake up and find a plate with my sandwich and a glass of milk. It was his way of making things a little better for me since I felt so sick."

Marie Powell, 41

Stamford, CT

"My husband brings me back little things from his business trips, like a Starbucks city mug — I collect them — or something else that relates to the specific city he visited. It means the world to me because I know he's thinking about me when he's away."

Vanessa Medina, 28

Schaumburg, IL

"I'm a runner, and every now and then when I put on my running shoes, I'll find something that my wife has hidden inside. In the past, I've discovered new running socks, sunscreen, and even a tacky headband. It's a small, funny thing she does that makes me crack a smile during my long run. It also makes me want to think of silly ways to surprise her back."

Mike Tarpsher, 40

Los Angeles

She Says/He Says

"When Jonathan travels for work, he brings back food with the word 'Cara' in the name. For example, he recently gave me Cadbury's Caramilk, a caramel and chocolate bar from Canada. It's always entertaining to see what new 'Carafood' he's discovered."

"Cara sneaks one of our two dogs' play toys into my suitcase before I leave on a business trip. It keeps a little piece of our home life close by when I'm far away, and I appreciate that."

Cara Good, 35, and Jonathan Good, 38, Tustin, CA

"Frederik loves surprising me with little treats. He'll sneak chocolate truffles in to a movie and hand them to me in the dark theater. Or he'll pack surprise lunch snacks for me, such as Greek yogurt with honey, which I adore. These small details make me feel like he really knows me and cares for me."

"Whenever a new candy bar comes out, Alex always buys it for me — she knows I love being one of the first to try the newest one. She'll place the bar on the kitchen counter and won't say a word until I find it and get very excited."

Alex Barron, 30, and Frederik Tylim, 31, Dallas

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