I’m a little worn out on mashups. There was a period where there seemed to be a new one every day. So you’re excused if you read this headline and thought “Pfft. Do I really need to watch this?”

Yes, you do. A YouTuber with the screenname TheDoctorOfWill did an astounding job of syncing up Ryan Gosling’s latest nostalgia-fueled film, the future noir Blade Runner 2049, with his last nostalgia-fueled film, the jazz musical La La Land. The results are eerily and hilariously cohesive. Somehow, the Seb’s neon sign fits the bombed-out wasteland of 2049 like it was always there. There’s a great gag involving a giant Oscar statue, ruined by a bad case of Moonlight.

The music from La La Land works perfect with Roger Deakins’ ominous visuals. (Gosling even taps out a few notes on a piano in 2049, as if he’s recalling a past life when he was a nut for jazz.) Even the Emma Stone cameo in Rick Deckard’s apartment works. (Wait, so does this now mean Emma Stone is a replicant? I always suspected. Her performances are always a little too good to be human.)

This is really terrific. If all movie mashup videos on YouTube were this great we wouldn’t have gotten so sick of them in the first place.

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