In Thomas Rhett's new 'Beer With Jesus' video, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter keeps the treatment simple to drive home the powerful message and meaning behind the song's lyrics.

The sounds of city streets, traffic and patrons linger in the background as Rhett enters the famed Nick's Gaslight Restaurant on the outskirts of Detroit. He takes a seat and props his baseball cap on top of a beer bottle as he strums the opening notes to the song, while the noises around him fade into the distance.

Throughout the tune, the young star runs through a series of questions that he would ask a higher power if ever given the opportunity. As he wanders through the empty Detroit bar and theater, many of his questions pop up in various place along the walls as he passes by.

The emotion in Rhett's voice drives home the message of 'Beer With Jesus,' with the video allowing the viewers to also ponder the same thoughts he has while singing the tune. By the end of the clip, the noise once again picks back up, and Rhett slips his hat back on his head and exits the bar, guitar in hand.

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