Time once again to check out the Texas Regional Radio Report‘s list of the biggest songs in Texas. Could Reckless Kelly do what everyone seems to be lately having a hard time doing? Stay at No. 1 for two consecutive weeks. Or were Wade Bowen, Whiskey Myers or Cody Johnson able to knock them out of the top spot?

Before we get to the list, the most spin increases this week belong to “Pushing Luck” Jason Boland & The Stragglers (+273), “One Star Flag” Casey Donahew Band (+159), “One More Sad Song” Randy Rogers Band (+158) and “No Better Than This” JB and the Moonshine Band (+125).

Without further adieu, here they are the 10 most popular songs this week in all of Texas.

10. Drunk GirlRich O’Toole

9. So So Long - The Damn Quails

8. RainThe Rankin Twins

7. Stay the NightJerrod Medulla

6. Anna Marie – Whiskey Myers

5. Raise Your Bottle – Aaron Watson

4. Red Dirt Girl - Bo Philips

3. Guilty as Can Be – Cody Johnson Band

2. Give it a Try – Reckless Kelly

Aaaand the brand new No. 1 song in Texas:

1. To Live is to Fly - Wade Bowen

Big congratulations to The Rankin Twins and Jerrod Medulla on each of their very first trip into the Top 10, and also to Bo Phillips, who’s song Red Dirt Girl is now officially his first Top 5 single. And of course to Wade Bowen on his return to the top.

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Here’s a special performance of this week’s No. 1 song, “To Live is to Fly” from Wade Bowen recorded live on The KNUE Front Porch.

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