Last month we introduced you to Gary the "Cake Man," in our video showcasing his delicious cups of cake.

He was just showing up at random locations on nice days to sell his cake 'savors,' but now it looks like with the power of technology, we can pinpoint his exact location, and get cups of cake whenever we want! (Or at least as long as he has supplies.)

These things are literally selling like hot cakes after all.

Here's the video we shared last month as a reminder of the fluffy cake goodness.

Click this link to navigate to his new Facebook page, where he'll be giving us his location as well as the best times to go out and find him.

If you shoot a video of yourself taste testing his newest savors, be sure to tag us in your videos. We may have a cup o' cake challenge, and see who can finish a cup fastest. That's right, we're challenging you, East Texas! We'll just have to sit and wait for Gary to let us know where he'll be next.

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