Last Thursday's bridge collapse on I-35 between Dallas and Austin had drivers taking a detour through Salado that added at least 30 minutes to the trip.  One person died in the accident.  And now there are more details about what might have caused it.  

The Texas Dept. of Transportation said Thursday the accident happened when an over-sized tractor trailer hit a beam of the FM 2484 overpass bridge that was under construction, and that caused several beams get loose and fall onto I-35. The person who died was in a pickup that was passing under the bridge at the time.  Three others were injured.

Now there are reports that the truck that hit the beams and caused them to come loose, was 6.5 inches taller than the bridge.  And it was 13 inches taller than the posted clearance height.  There are reports that the trucking company didn't have a permit for the over-sized load.

I-35 reopened Friday morning around dawn, but the details of the accident are still being investigated.

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