Tucker Beathard released a comedic music video for his latest single "Better Than Me," which features Beathard as a jealous ex-boyfriend trying to sabotage his ex-girlfriend's new beau.

"If you can sing along when / They're playing our song / With no tears in your eyes / No breaking down crying / On the side of the road / And if you’re moving on / If you can sleep it off / Then, baby, you better / Believe, better believe / You're doing better than me / Better than me," Beathard sings in the chorus.

The music video was directed by Justin Clough, featuring the '90s rock influences Beathard has grown up admiring.

“The fun thing about music videos is that it gives you the chance to offer up a whole other perspective to a song,” said the singer in a press release. “We definitely went in a sarcastic direction and brought in the style of the videos I loved growing up. It was awesome being able to take on another character in the video. Justin, the director, really understood where I wanted to take it and we were able to let loose and just have some fun.”

Beathard co-wrote the single with Dan Isbell and Jonathan Singleton.

"And here you have it... proof that I’m not always as serious as people may think," Beathard shared in a tweet. "I had a blast shooting this video, and now I am so excited to get to share it with you."

Beathard released his debut double album Nobody's Everything in 2018. The new single is off the second installment of the double album. The second installment will be released on his new record label home, Warner Music Nashville.

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