Two kids, ages 6 and 8, died over the weekend after a drag racer in Kerrville lost control and spun into the crowd.

What was supposed to be a fun event for families with funnel cakes and fast cars on Saturday, ended in tragedy in the Texas Hill Country when a drag racer lost control of his vehicle and spun out into the crowd.  Kerrville police don't know yet what caused the driver to lose control.

The “Airport Race Wars” event at the Kerrville Airport was held in March of this year too, and the earlier event went well.  The second time the event was held, Saturday, October 23rd, was a different story.  The drag races were organized by Ross Dunagan of Flyin’ Diesel Performance,  and it was billed as a "family-friendly day of all out No Prep Drag Racing.”

The 34-year old driver fishtailed into the crowd near the finish line, and several people were struck.  The story has made the Washington Post and several other national outlets, in addition to all of our Texas news sources, including KLTV.

Tyler Police have warned in the past against street drag racing, and although the Kerrville event was organized and sanctioned, it still turned out to be a dangerous one.  No one ever attends an event like this expecting to put their lives in danger, but it turned out to be a risky outing for those there on Saturday in Kerrville.

The 6-year old died at the scene, and the 8-year old died at Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville Saturday after being taken there by ambulance.  Eight others were injured, and many of them were taken to hospitals in Austin and San Antonio.  A 4-year old and an infant were taken to the Kerrville hospital as a precaution.

Kerrville police are investigating.

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