Walker Hayes' new music video for "Don't Let Her" brings all of the feels while giving fans a peek into his everyday family life.

The video begins with his brood of six children and wife, Laney, making breakfast at their home. The video cuts to the family doing ordinary things like throwing a football, shaving, practicing gymnastics and spending quality time together.

"This video is the rawest thing I have ever put out," Hayes said in a press release. "No makeup, no lights, no production, no storyline—just a camera filming a day at our house. I’m so grateful to share this piece of my life with you guys."

The song presents a checklist of things to do—and not do—to a hypothetical man that would take his place as his wife's husband if something were to happen to him in the future.

The inspiration behind the song came when Hayes was thinking about what would be the six-month milestone of his baby girl, Oakleigh, who died shortly after birth this past year. He also credits Laney for the song: "At the same time, I don’t know why, I was thinking about a game she and I have played our entire relationship," he told Taste of Country. "And that game is the whole, ‘What would you do if something happened to me?’ game."

"Don't Let Her" was written by Hayes, Andrew DeRoberts, and famed songwriter/producer Shane McAnally. The song was produced by McAnally and DeRoberts.

Later this year, Hayes will be headed to the United Kingdom as part of the "Introducing Nashville" lineup where a group of artists will bring country music to fans overseas.

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